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The leadership of Unity beholds each of you as a divine being, and it is our heartfelt desire to serve you in the highest way possible.

To live in health and harmony with the natural world, we often need to take practical steps to ensure our safety and well-being. After carefully considering what is happening with the current virus outbreak, we have come up with the following plan regarding our Sunday services:


We will not be holding services either Sunday March 22 or 29. We will make a decision about services beyond that when we know more. In lieu of services, we will do our best to stay in contact with a weekly inspirational message. If you are not on our email list for future announcements, you can request to be added by emailing unityva@riousa.com


This is postponed until further notice--but stay tuned!


We will be in contact with people holding other scheduled gatherings to explore what can and should be cancelled or postponed. In the meantime, we are taking a variety of steps to keep our facility as clean and virus-free as possible. Our usual office hours may be somewhat more limited than usual during this time. Our number is 541-345-9913 if you want to check first before coming over.


Unity will have virtually all of its usual bills and expenses. If you are not already in our Simple Giving program, please consider continuing your financial support by mailing donations to Unity of the Valley, 3912 Dillard Rd., Eugene OR 97405, or contributing through PayPal on our website at unityofthevalley.org


Every challenge in life is an opportunity to expand and deepen our awareness of the One Spirit in all things. Let us remember that with all our precautions, we are in service to that One Light and Love — in truth, we ARE that One Light and Love. And what an amazingly beautiful thing that is!


For those who are interested, below are some of the key reasons we are taking these precautions.

1. Current recommendations from Lane County Government are that if we have met any two danger points on the following list, we should consider postponing our gatherings: A. Do we have a lot of elderly people? (yes) B. Do we have mainly out of town people? (no) C. Do we meet indoors where people don't have 6 feet space between each other? (yes) D. Do we have over 100 people? (yes). So we meet 3 out of 4. The official worksheet is at this link: https://lanecounty.org/cms/One.aspx?portalId=3585881&pageId=16503774

2. More and more reports from people with first-hand knowledge such as three U of O faculty members in Italy tell us that the lesson we need to learn from Italy and elsewhere is to take every precaution now, including not gathering in large groups.(https://www.wweek.com/news/state/2020/03/11/three-university-of-oregon-professors-in-italy-sound-the-alarm-for-oregon-to-take-urgent-action/)

3. We really can't rely on the lack of any known cases in Lane County. According to the official website at https://lanecounty.org/cms/One.aspx?portalId=3585881&pageId=16503774, only 25 tests have been administered in our county as of March 11. Not all people displaying symptoms are given tests, so the virus may very well be spreading under the surface without any awareness of it.

4. We would rather Unity be at the forefront of prevention instead of a step behind and wishing we had done more. There are of course those who believe that being cautious is to show fear instead of faith. In accordance with Unity philosophy, we view taking practical precautions as wisdom and compassion in action. Nor do we fear the loss of vital income to Unity. We are blessed to have a 6-month financial reserve and about 60% of our income is received automatically through Simple Giving. We also trust that many will make a special effort to financially support Unity during this time of challenge. Time and again, we have seen our spiritual community step up whenever needed.

So...please take care, be well, stay happy and grounded in the Deeper Reality beneath the changing surface of life.

With love and blessings to all,

The Unity Ministerial Team and Board of Trustees



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