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Simple Giving

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SIMPLE GIVING — Questions & Answers

Question: What is the SIMPLE GIVING Program?
Answer: The SIMPLE GIVING Program is an easy, automatic means by which you can give gifts or tithes to the church in the amount you specify at the frequency you select. You do not need to do anything more after you sign up.

Question: Why is the SIMPLE GIVING Program important?
Answer: SIMPLE GIVING is an effective way for an individual to establish a consciousness of prosperity and giving in a consistent, ongoing manner. It also ensures a stable flow of income to the church throughout the year.

Question: What information do I have to supply to join the SIMPLE GIVING Program?
Answer: You have to supply the following information: The amount you wish to give periodically. The frequency (semi-monthly, monthly) and the dates (5th and/or 20th) on which you want to give. Select a giving method: Automatic bank withdrawal: Give the church a voided check. Credit card: Provide the card number, expiration date, and 3-digit code on the back of your card. Sign a one-page signup form.

Question: Am I going to be giving out confidential information by joining SIMPLE GIVING?
Answer: No. The information the church needs to sign you up is printed on your checks or credit card. You are not giving out any more information than you do every time you write a check or make a credit card purchase. The church keeps all information about SIMPLE GIVING participants confidential.

Question: Can I choose which date my contribution through SIMPLE GIVING is collected?
Answer: Yes. SIMPLE GIVING is totally computerized. You designate either the 5th or the 20th of the month, and it will be done automatically as you direct on the signup form.

Question: Can I change amounts or frequency after I sign up?
Answer: Yes. You can change the amount you give and/or the frequency you give by contacting the church office and telling them what you want changed.

Question: What do I have to do if I want to stop participating in the SIMPLE GIVING program?
Answer: Just call the church office and inform them that you wish to stop participating.

Question: My income fluctuates. Can I still participate through SIMPLE GIVING?
Answer: Yes. Start your SIMPLE GIVING by selecting an amount you can comfortably sustain on an ongoing basis. Then, once per month or once per quarter, determine what if any additional gifts or tithes you wish to make, based on the high points of your income during that period. Simply write the church a check for your additional gift or tithe for that period. (This is how Unity of the Valley handles its tithing.)

Question: How can I get more information on the SIMPLE GIVING Program? Answer: You can call the church office (541-345-9913) and ask for Géna, the Administrator.