3912  Dillard Rd  
39th & Hilyard  
Eugene OR  97405 
(541) 345-9913 


Have you noticed how spiffy the church grounds have been looking lately? Trees are trimmed, leaves picked up, and mulch neatly spread. A team of elves has been hard at work to beautify our outdoors! A great-big wheelbarrow of THANKS to team leader Karen Patterson and all the volunteers: Tim Harrow, Sally Crum and her husband Gary, Lisa Oxman, Jan Wulling, Christina Stovall, Teresa Skotchdopole,The Church Facilities Stewardship Ministry focuses on maintenance, upkeep, and stewardship of our church.

♥♥Grounds Maintenance Volunteer Needed♥♥

Do you love the outdoors, mowing the lawn, or beautifying the garden? Our church grounds would love your energy and attention.

If you can help, please contact Géna at 541-345-9913, ext. 11.