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The Wisdom of Gandhi
"I had never thought of Gandhi as a man with human frailties just like the rest of us - that he grew up with fears as a child, that he was married and listened to the advice of his wife. He grew into his beliefs and way of life through his spiritual practice. From his example, I know I can make a difference too." --Bonnie Chappa, series participant



A seven-week study series that highlights Mahatma Gandhi's spiritual practice to make nonviolence a force in everyday life

It is our joy and privilege to offer The Wisdom of Gandhi series as a freewill gift to our fellow Unity and New Thought churches nationally.
The Gandhi series, which we wrote in 1999, became the most popular seven-week program ever offered at Unity of the Valley. We hope that every person touched by this series will be inspired by Gandhi's selfless example to pursue a higher level of spiritual living.

"The Wisdom of Gandhi series is a transforming experience. Use of the signed affirmations, added to the weekly lesson, anchored in me spiritual principles necessary to wholeness and reinforced my understanding that peace and nonviolence in our world begin with me. I am blessed and grateful to have shared in Gandhi's teachings in this unique way." --Mary Ellen Avis, series participant

We have based The Wisdom of Gandhi on the book, Gandhi the Man:The Story of His Transformation, by Eknath Easwaran

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We would love to hear from you as you use this series email: unityval@rio.com

The Wisdom Of Gandhi

Available free in its entirety to Unity and New Thought churches

The Series Kit Contains:


  • Time Line: a schedule to help you in preparing the series
  • Newsletter article announcing the coming seven-week series
  • Facilitator's guide for in-home study groups
  • Sign-up sheets for in-home study group facilitators and groups
  • Bibliography
  • Materials for each week
  • Sunday bulletin covers
  • Affirmation cards
  • Information sheet about the series for Sunday bulletins
  • Study guide questions, with notes for discussion
  • Sermon

Weekly Themes (With Colors)


  • Week One: Gandhi The Man (Purple)
  • Week Two: Ahimsa, Nonviolence (Pink)
  • Week Three: Satyagraha, Soul-Force (Orange)
  • Week Four: Yeild and Prevail (Green)
  • Week Five: Out of the Ego Cage (Red)
  • Week Six: The Steady Mind (Blue)
  • Week Seven: The Illuminated Soul (Yellow-Gold)

" The Wisdom of Gandhi was a very inspiring program. During our sharing, we all saw practical ways we could practice nonviolence--starting within ourselves! " --Susan Marshall, series participant


The Wisdom of Gandhi Series is made possible by:


The Ministers of Unity of the Valley,  Eugene Oregon; creators of The Wisdom of Gandhi series

Nilgiri Press of the Blue Mountain Center of Meditation for publication of The
Wisdom of Gandhi Series in web-ready format

The M.K. Gandhi Institute    for Nonviolence for the Sermon on "Ahimsa, Nonviolence"  
and the use of the institute's logo.  www.gandhiinstitute.org

Patricia Keel - patriciakeel.com

"Gandhi's teachings are timeless and needed today more than ever." --James Dalfin, series participant

To Download a Wisdom of Gandhi series kit click here