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Youth & Family Ministry

Can you believe it's May? Almost halfway through 2017. This month, our classes will continue to explore this beautiful season of Spring as we gear up for Step Up Sunday in June. We are also still collecting donations of books for our Book Sale on May 20th and May 21st to help replenish our funds for upcoming adventures!

The Unikids (ages 5-2nd grade) work with Mirtza Griffin and Betsy Priddle to celebrate the emergence of life that spring inspires. The creative power of the divine mind and heart help us to plants seeds in the garden, in their being, and in the world. They will plant seeds of love, then water and nurture their creations. They will focus on activities to help ground their body, mind, and spirit with meditation, song, and play. They will enjoy planting flowers as a metaphor for how they nurture the creations of life and their divine light. They will also enjoy an egg hunt as they celebrate Easter Sunday.

The Galileans (3rd-5th grade) work with Alison Cantril, and they are  gearing up for their Annual Plant Sale on April 30. They will decorate flower pots and create garden art to sell. They will gladly accept your donations of plants starting April 16. All funds raised from this sale will benefit the children at First Place Family Center. They will also celebrate a "Wizard of Oz Easter" and continue their journey down the yellow brick road. Come up and visit their Emerald City when you have a chance! Follow the yellow brick road!!

Our Teen Group (Uniteens-middle school & Y.O.U. (high school) work with Sally Crum, Shawna Newcomb, Raymond Albano, and Jim Drews. Jim returns after many years and brings a deep and practical understanding of Unity principles and powers. It is great to have him share his talents with the group. The teen’s curriculum is based on the 12 Unity Powers and how to develop them in daily life. They have learned about the power of STRENGTH, with examples of the courage of spiritual giants such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, and the Dalai Lama. They have also shared examples of how they have each faced daily situations that require strength of conviction and compassion. This month they will experience the beginning and return of life following winter. They will celebrate the growth of new life and the meaning of Easter, and they will explore the ways in which all life is connected as they honor Earth Day.


Youth and Family Ministry Prayer

In each sacred hour, Youth and Family Ministry welcomes every child and every family into the loving Heart and caring Hands of the Divine. Each one is a radiant expression of the Christ-Light, unfolding in perfect time, guided by their inner presence of Wisdom. We see and acknowledge this Presence in each of us and in everyone we encounter each day in our spiritual home and in the greater community.
And so it is.

What We Teach


  1. Reality is the infinite consciousness of God, the one power and source of all that is.
  2. Every Person is an eternal, individual expression of God.
  3. Daily Living is the highest way we know.
  4. Spiritual Practice is deep silence, creative prayer work, and …
  5. Our Life Experience is mainly a reflection of the thoughts we hold in mind.
  6. We make use of God’s power by living in harmony with God’s laws, letting the spirit of love direct our every thought, word, and action.




  1. Prayer and meditation (centering)
  2. Scriptural study
    1. History and geography of the story
    2. Metaphysical interpretation
    3. Practical application of spiritual principles
  3. Affirmations and denials
  4. Object lessons
  5. Spiritual singing and dancing
  6. Arts and crafts
  7. Storytelling, drama, puppetry, etc.
  8. Group discussions
  9. Heart talks (unconditional love and acceptance)
  10. Creative writing


VOLUNTEERS for Children and Teens

If you love children and are ready to grow and learn, we have many opportunities in our Youth & Family Ministry. If you are not available to teach or assist on a weekly basis, it's okay. We have a team approach to making a difference in the lives of our children and teens. We also offer the opportunity to "Share Your Joy" by sharing a talent or project for one hour on one Sunday. We are here to offer a positive, uplifting experience for children of all ages, from baby and toddler to high school.

Possible Volunteer Roles

Volunteer Title

What Does Volunteer Do?

Greeting Angel

  • Greet/register children
  • Direct to appropriate places

Supply Room Angel

  • Monitor/track inventory supply
  • Set up, put away, order supplies

Youth & Family
Ministry Volunteer      Coordinator

  • Keep records of all volunteers in program
  • Contact volunteers as needed
  • Contact new families


  • Prepare lesson well in advance
  • “Sit” with lesson allowing Spirit to help you understand it
  • Pray for guidance and for your children
  • Test any activities you are unclear about
  • Gather all supplies needed, if not done for you
  • Arrive early and be prayed up
  • Facilitate lessons (See Chapter 8.)
  • Clean up classroom before leaving

Classroom Assistant

  • Assist teacher and children, especially with individual needs/problems
  • Arrive early to prepare the space and to become centered
  • Place supplies and materials ready for use if needed
  • Warmly welcome youth and parents
  • Handle special requests

Uniteen Leader

  • Prepare and facilitate effective lessons
  • Pray for guidance and for teens
  • Arrive early and prayed up
  • Be a Spiritual Leader and role model
  • Assist with events, service projects
  • Administer paperwork for group events
  • Be a teen advocate

Y.O.U. Sponsor

  • Be a Spiritual Leader and role model
  • Facilitate spiritual lessons as needed
  • Coach teens in facilitating lessons
  • Coach/guide/support teens in events, service projects & other teen leadership functions
  • Supervise all functions as scheduled
  • Mentor teens from spiritual perspective in challenges
  • Serve as liaison between teens and minister/youth director
  • Pray for guidance and for teens
  • Uphold church policies, procedure, and state laws

Possible Volunteer Roles

Volunteer Title

What Does Volunteer Do?

Substitute Teacher

  • Fill in when regular teacher is not available
  • See teacher responsibilities


  • Teach songs and lead singing
  • May create music tapes for classroom use

Bulletin Board Designer

  • Design and change bulletin board displays in youth ministry

Newsletter/Publishing Assistant

  • Assist in gathering and writing articles for newsletter

Nursery Care Attendant

  • Handle all responsibilities for nursery children
  • Sign all little ones in and out
  • Keep record of where parents will be
  • Keep medical records readily available in room
  • Keep children safe by watchfulness at all times
  • Supervise their play and encourage participation in simple activities and songs
  • See Chapter 15 for more specifics

Transportation Assistant

  • Provide transportation to and from events, usually parents

Special Events Assistant

  • Assist with organizing and carrying out special activities and events