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Ways to Serve You

Unity arose out of the prayer healings of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore in the late 19th century. Prayer is what we are about, and prayer is available in several different ways for any need you may have.

To protect your anonymity, all prayers are handled by first name only, with no details given.

Prayer Shawl Ministry
 - Our prayer shawl ministry was inspired by an article in the newspaper that spoke of the blessings received by those who make prayer shawls, as well as by those who receive the shawls. Knitting or crocheting — the work of our hands — creates a warm, soft gift that is comforting and enveloping, like a touch of grace. Our time spent together in our monthly circle is a time of sharing, fun, and heart connection. Whether working alone at home or together at Unity, we are blessed as making the shawls is a rewarding source of joy and takes on the feeling of a meditative practice. 

The completed shawls are blessed by the congregation during our services before they are given to people going through difficult times to provide hope, healing, peace, and comfort. From the many heartfelt thank-you notes we have received, we know it means a lot to people who receive a shawl to have a tangible symbol of love and caring in which to wrap themselves, like a warm hug.

Prayer Box – A completed prayer request form, placed in the prayer box in the foyer, receives daily prayer for two weeks, after which it is forwarded to Silent Unity for 30 days of around-the-clock prayer.

Prayer Chaplains are available for one-on-one prayer after every Sunday service, as well as for hospital or at-home visits. For more on Prayer Chaplains, click here.

Dial-a-Prayer – For an uplifting, affirmative prayer at any time of the day or night, call our Dial-a-Prayer line (541-345-9913, then press 7).

Service of Lights – The small votive candles on the platform in the Sanctuary are there for you! Any time during the week, or before or after the Sunday service, feel free to light a candle as you say a prayer for yourself or others.