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Prayer Chaplains

Sherry Lady

The presence of our prayer  chaplains on Sunday morning and their willingness to serve in other related areas supports, uplifts, and holds sacred the spiritual lives of individuals in our church community. This has deeply blessed our ministry at Unity of the Valley.

We give thanks for their caring presence and their willingness to hold the loving High Watch for all of us.

Rev. Sherry Lady
Associate Minister


What do Prayer Chaplains Do?

We lovingly listen to your prayer request.
We acknowledge and call on the Presence of God.
We enter the silence and allow the words to flow from that quiet sacred space.
We hold in confidence your prayer request.
We hold you in the light of God.
We hold the vision for your highest good and potential.

We love to pray with you. It is a gift and an honor to be with you in prayer.

To request a Prayer Chaplain to pray with you, look for us after the Sunday service. Prayer Chaplains wear a white stole so you can find us easily.

Meet Our Prayer Chaplains

Bev Forster

Bev Forster

I love to co-create sacred space with the one with whom I am praying. To me that means listening, entering the silence, connecting with the Divine within and without, feeling the Presence and holding each one requesting prayer in the light – and then allowing the words to flow. What a gift.

Sherry Lady

Andy Peara

Sharing the presence of Divine Inspiration is the greatest gift of being a prayer chaplain.

Nola Woodbury

As we pray together, we are one in Spirit. “Where two or more are gathered …” the energy of our shared Life Force helps us “see things right,” and claim the truth of who and what we are.


Bev Forster


Alice Sparks

I feel so honored when I am blessed to share space with others connecting to the divine. These are truly moments of love and surrendering to spirit while we hold others and all in the light.  Thank you, God.




Julia Linebarger-Taylor

Serving as a prayer chaplain is an opportunity to hold others in love and light as we prayer together for Divine guidance and support. I believe all prayers are heard and answered in accordance with divine intelligence. It is an honor to share in creating sacred space with another to seek spiritual help.


Nancy Morrow

How precious to enter sacred space with another through prayer; for heartfelt sharing, clarity, and blessed assurance.