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Upcoming Services and Special Events!

Sunday, July 30th

 9:15-10:15 a.m. - Sunday Morning Reading Group meets in the downstairs Rainbow Room. They are studying the book, Callings, by Gregg Levoy. Everyone is welcome.

10:00-10:15 a.m. – Meditative Time in the sanctuary.

10:30 am Service - Sharing My Joy. A special youth-led family service! Our youth will be sharing their personal insights and discoveries.

Sunday, August 6th

10:30 a.m. – The Miracle of Making Every Day a Vacation with Guest Speaker Dr. Orestes Gutierrez.

10:00 a.m.-Noon – Oneness with Nature Children’s Church – Sally Crum and Gerilyn Van will lead our youth (K-12) on an adventure with nature the entire month of August. They will explore mindful meditations, animal totems, earth-food-body connection, and so much more. For more information, contact Sally at 541-520-2408.

— after the service – Unity’s Annual Friendship Picnic at Tugman Park.  Bring a potluck dish to share. Until will provide the hamburgers, hot dogs, and lemonade. 


A Very Mice StoryUnity Church

You Down” relate to a major mouse infestation Donna and I experienced from February through May?  It’s a long tail, but I’ll be dropping some hints along the way.

At first, the usual peace and happiness within our home was only mildly disturbed by our messy but otherwise invisible guests.  As usual, I set out my box-like live trap. Over a one-week period, I caught one. Then another.  Then another. Then another. And yes, then another. My initial strategy was to walk the few blocks to release them in Tugman Park. I switched to the more distant Hendricks Park when I was told that mice could find their way home if freed less than a mile away. (My last few catches did look familiar.) 

Yet just when it became clear Donna and I were dealing with A LOT of mice, they stopped falling for my trap. It seemed these creatures I had lovingly released to their higher good had indeed returned, sensing their higher good was in my house…and now they were wiser in their approach.

So we were off to the races--as in looking up from my laptop to see a mouse racing across the carpet in broad daylight. Or having a pulse-racing awakening in the middle of the night by something scrambling onto the nightstand by my head. Then there was the furry acrobat who darted out in front of me, ran 5 feet up the fireplace bricks, and vanished around the corner as if late for an important meeting.  For the first time, our household mood sunk to the level of grumbling about “extermination.”  But there were two other remedies Donna and I chose to try first, both of which significantly lightened the load of our unhappy infestation:

1) Close the gap: To experience inner upliftment, we need to consider what we ALLOW INTO our mental environment.  In terms of mice, they had very easy access into our home.  In February, we had a new garage door installed that left a two-inch gap along part of the floor.  The installer insisted there was no easy solution because we’d opted for a metal rather than wooden door. But he would do some research. Two months went by and we didn’t hear a thing.  So we took charge, did our own research, and ordered a much larger insulating seal at the bottom of the door.  At last, the gap was closed! 

2) Elevate the energy:  Wepurchased a set of plug-in devices that continuously emit high frequency sounds unpleasant to rodents and assorted pests. In a similar way, we can chase away inharmonious thoughts that have already taken residence by learning to keep our consciousness lifted—our inner light shining.

Following these two principles, our home once more became a happy, mouse-free place. Likewise, by closing the gap in what we allow into our thoughts and by energetically sweeping away destructive tendencies, we naturally lighten up and rise toward higher happiness. Now if we can only learn these lessons as fast as mice learn!

In loving oneness,


This Week, July 24th to July 29th

THURSDAY (11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.) – Joy of Watercolor. The emphasis of this class is on joy. Come and explore painting with watercolor in an encouraging and fun atmosphere. All skill levels welcome. For more information, contact Ellen Ticknor at 541-344-1490.

SATURDAY - (6:00-9:00 p.m.) – Reiki Do Satori Open House. This monthly event is open to all who are interested in receiving a short, free Reiki session for relaxation and/or healing. Reiki practitioners who would like to be part of this event are also welcome. Donations accepted.

Next Week, July 31st to August 5th

TUESDAYS (12:00-1:30 p.m.) – Gentle Yoga at Unity with Donna. A 7-class series to help develop calming balance, grace, strength, and alignment. (August 1-September 12) Cost is $45. Register in advance with Donna at yogawithdonna@gmail.com, or call 541-683-7664.


(6:30-8:30 p.m.) – Grief Support Group with Zana Zeigler (July 20-Semptember 7). Donation basis. ($15 for handbook.) For more information, contact Zana at 541-517-1495.


 (7:00-9:00 p.m.) - Therapeutic Touch in the Fillmore Wing. Donation basis. For more information, please contact Bev Forster at 541-520-9358.


PICNIC VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: We are in need of many volunteers to help with the Unity Friendship Picnic at Tugman Park. If you can volunteer, please sign up in the Fellowship Hall. We are looking for help with set up, transporting grills, tables and chairs to the park, clean up, grilling, games, slicing and setting up the food, and more.

Summer Salads at Unity – In July, August, and September, instead of soup on Sundays, we will be having summer salads. Unity will provide lettuce and we encourage you to bring an item to add to the salad.  We also have a signup sheet for  people who would be able bring a BIG salad on a Sunday (could be a green salad, fruit salad, pasta salad, ….)  Sign up in the Fellowship Hall to bring in your favorite salad. 


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