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Upcoming Services and Special Events!

Sunday, November 19th

10:30 a.m. Service: Jon West will explore opportunities to build new bridges of understanding and acceptance in Wow, We Really See Things Differently … and I Appreciate That!

Sunday, November 26th

10:30 a.m. Service: Jon West will delve into what spiritual surprises await in Facing the Void and Finding the Wholeness.


ATTENTION: The Unity Board Nominating Committee is seeking potential candidates for our Board of Trustees. We need to fill 2 full (three-year) positions, 2 (one-year) interim positions, and 2 Alternates to complete the terms of any Trustees who choose not to complete their entire term. If you are interested in filling one of these important and fulfilling volunteer positions, please contact Bonnie Chappa at bonniechappa@gmail.com for information regarding qualifications and a job description.


Unity Church

A Message from Rev. Sherry:

It’s All about Banana Bread – Really!

A friend brought me two nice thick slices of freshly baked banana bread as a contribution to a quiet lunch in my home. When we were ready for this mid-day dessert, I popped my piece in the toaster. “Why are you doing that?” she asked, rather aghast. “It’s fresh.  I just made it this morning.”  “I know,” I replied.  That’s why I toast it.  I prefer my breads less moist and a bit crispy around the edges when warmed.”  She didn’t understand and may have been a bit offended, though she hid it well.  It was obvious she had never heard of doing that.

A whole discussion then ensued about how we like our foods – such as really spicy or not, sweet versus salty, vegan versus traditional, raw or cooked, and so on until we were almost doubled over with laughter.  Then we veered off into TV shows, fashions, vacations, and lots of other things.  We ended up marveling about how little we knew about each other on this level after years of friendship dating back to high school days.  (For me, that’s a long way back, as some of you may know.)

Finally, we got down to some pretty serious subjects so that had we not been friends for so long, we might have been a bit hesitant to agree to a next time for lunch!  While she worships in a more traditional church, I am, according to her, “Really, really open minded.” She admitted that’s hard for her at times because it makes her feel like she needs to be open to everything, which is not her general nature. This was quite a revelation, allowing us to take hold of an “opportunity to build new bridges of understanding and acceptance” – a quote from the description of Jon’s message this coming Sunday.

Yet we found agreement on five key things: 1) There is only One Power in the universe and we honor that; 2) We need to let go of stereotypes and racial biases since it has been proven scientifically that we all came from one basic racial color with adaptations along the way; 3) Love and acceptance and a chance to live fruitful lives is a common heartfelt wish and a deep need of all peoples everywhere; 4) With all the upheaval in the world today, we need to recognize our oneness and act from that place so we can be there for each other; and 5) Forgiveness and love are keys to correcting all misunderstandings and crucial to human growth, survival and evolvement.

“Let’s see,” my friend said as she was preparing to leave, “this has been the most fun we have ever had together and it all started with banana bread – crispy edges or not crispy edges.  Who would have thought the lowly banana had the power to spark this kind of discussion?”  I agreed.  We hugged. A week later she sent a new recipe for cauliflower bread, with the message:  “Well, the fruit world got its acknowledgement.  Let’s see what the veggie world can do. You bake it, toast your part for the crispy edges, and let’s get together again soon.”  We will – after Christmas though as she is on her way to California for a while.

Maybe it’s in the getting older that people are able to put aside their “stuff” and get down to the essence of good friendships. Or maybe it’s because in this time of transition, we need to share what is true, honest, and real from our hearts so we can save ourselves from the fallout of personal and planetary chaos and go on to build a better world for all.

I will never see banana bread quite the same way again—but I will always see you as my spiritual family on this path we are sharing.  Thank you for who you are, crusty edges or not. Either way is perfect.

See you on Sunday.  

Much love,


November 13th to November 18th

TUESDAYS (12:00-1:30 p.m.) – Gentle Yoga with Donna O’Neil. With a blend of movement and stillness, let balance, grace, strength, and relaxation bring you into the Winter Solstice. Cost for this holiday series is $50. (November 14-December 19)  Please register in advance with Donna at yogawithdonna@gmail.com or 541-683-7664.


 (11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.) – Joy of Watercolor. The emphasis of this class is on joy. Come and explore painting with watercolor in an encouraging and fun atmosphere. All skill levels welcome. For more information, contact Ellen Ticknor at 541-344-1490.

— (7:00-9:00 p.m.) - Therapeutic Touch in the Fillmore Wing. Donation basis. For more information, please contact Bev Forster at 541-520-9358.

FRIDAY (6:00-8:00 p.m.) – Friday Fun Night: Game Night. Join us for Bingo and snacks (by donation). We will also have a little-kid’s area with age-appropriate games and supervision. Come and join in the fun!

SATURDAY (6:00-9:00 p.m.) – Reiki Do Satori Open House. This monthly event is open to all who are interested in receiving a short, free Reiki session for relaxation and/or healing. Reiki practitioners who would like to be part of this event are also welcome. Donations accepted.

November 20th to November 25th

(7:00-9:00 p.m.) – Unity Open Men’s Circle meets in the Fillmore Wing. This group is open to all men within our church community and our larger Eugene community. For more information, contact Raymond Albano at 541-285-3943 / ralban0@icloud.com or Jim Drews at 541-726-8510.

TUESDAY (6:30 p.m.– Board Meeting in the Garden Room. All are welcome to attend. If you would like to speak at the meeting, please contact Pam Gutierrez at 541-232-5612.

THURSDAY, THANKSGIVING DAY  – Unity’s Annual Thanksgiving Day Potluck. We gather at 3:00 p.m. and eat at 4:00 p.m. This is a wonderful opportunity to come together in gratitude and thanksgiving. Turkeys will be provided. Bring a hot dish, salad, or dessert. Sign up in the Fellowship Hall today! If you can help with this wonderful event, please contact Ellen at 541-344-1490.

THURSDAY AND FRIDAY (November 23 & 24) – The Church Office is closed for the Thanksgiving weekend.


FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8 (6:00-8:00 p.m.) – Christmas Decorating at Unity. We need at least 10 adults (the more the merrier) to help with the big tree and garlands in the Sanctuary, and we need families with children for craft activities and to help decorate the small tree in the Fellowship Hall. We’ll have pizza, apple cider, and cookies. Come and join us!

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 10 (before & after the service) – Galilean Holiday Bazaar – Candles, decorations, ornaments and well-loved resale items of all sorts. All proceeds will go toward celebrating Valentine’s Day with the residents at Good Samaritan Nursing Home and providing roses and valentines for them.

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