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A Message from Rev. Sherry Lady

Six kids, including me, varying in ages from 5-8, sat around a table that had a large bowl of color dyed, hardboiled Easter eggs in the center. We had finished our hunt out in the yard and emptied our baskets into the bowl. The object was to practice sharing by dividing the total between us so that everyone had the same amount. Then we could each unpeel one and, with a little salt, have a snack, before diving into the candies that were also collected.

What happened, I remember clearly, was that while the adults went to sit and share a cup of coffee, us kids found that peeling the eggs, taking out the yolks and putting them back into the bowl so we could eat just the whites, was so much fun that we did that to all of the eggs. That left a bowl of yolks as a centerpiece and lots of egg shells scattered around the table. I’ve laughed about that memory through the years, but have forgotten the outcome as far as to what the adults did with our ingenuity.

Through the years, eggs became a representation of the empty tomb from which Jesus emerged, as well as signs of fertility and rebirth into new life. They were not allowed to be eaten during Holy Week, but were saved up for the children and given to them on Easter. Victorians decorated cardboard eggs and gave them as gifts. In the 19th century the bunny became the deliverer because they were prolific at bringing new life into existence. In Switzerland the eggs are delivered by the cuckoo bird and in Germany by the fox.

So why am I telling you all this? Let’s look at it this way: (bear with me here) – Egg whites contain needed protein, while the yolks contain vitamins A, D, E and K, along with omega 3-fats and are rich in folate and vitamin B-12. They are also packed with tryptophan, tyrosine and amino acids that help prevent heart disease. In essence, it is a perfect food, and both parts are needed to do that. I’m not suggesting everyone eat eggs, but what I am suggesting is there is a possible universal and spiritual teaching in just the considering of the symbolism of the item that has become so much associated with the holiday we celebrate this time of year in our tradition.

The outer serves a basic and necessary purpose. The inner is richer and more extensive in what it provides, though it is best partnered with the outer as well. So are we. On the outer we are encased in a beautiful and strong body full of life, energy, dreams, activities, etc. that holds us together and lets us move about in our life, but it is the inner that will provide us with the nourishment, sustenance, and stability to be all that we can be while here in this life.

The message of this symbol then becomes about importance of the whole to give fertility to the role we have assumed here on earth and will help us be reborn anew each and every day through the gift we have been given of life here and now. Like the Spirit of the Christ we can emerge into our fullness and, with Spirit, resurrect ourselves to the elevation for which we were intended. An egg has a shell to protect it until it is ready to be and serve on its own – much like a parent or a family, and sometimes as a hard-protective shell we won’t let go of in order to move on. At Easter time, and any time we are willing, we have an awesome opportunity to break through the shell of resistance and become the best “eggs” we can.

This is ever more poignant at the confusing and interruptive and crazy time in our lives and the world. Let’s hold for ourselves and for each other that in spite of what appears to be a crack in the protective shell of our lives, what’s inside is “hard boiled” enough to remain strong and to emerge from this place into a world, ready to courageously and with renewed vigor and commitment, begin again to be a bravely confident, better informed, creative and a more compassionate and loving world both at home and everywhere Spirit leads us.

Happy Easter!! Happy Becoming!! Happy Over-coming!! Happy Resurrection!!


As our hearts reach out to a world in distress, we can also reach out with practical support to those in our spiritual community facing financial distress at this time. For those who would like to contribute any amount for this purpose, the Unity Board has approved the creation of Our Spiritual Community Support Fund. This fund was inspired by a Unity member who wondered if Unity could use any government stimulus check she might receive to assist individuals in our spiritual community who need it most. We thought this was a wonderful idea—and you don’t need to wait for a stimulus check to help out. You can send checks made out to Unity of the Valley, with a note that it’s for OSCS.

Please take a look and see if your family has any utility or hardware masks tucked away in your garage, the kind you use for sanding, painting or gardening. After you put aside what you need for your family, you might want to think about donating those extra ones to our Unity family. There are many in our group who are daily out and about in public places trying to get medicine and supplies to help others in need. While the masks you may have aren’t medically approved masks, they are still very helpful in protecting you from the virus as you navigate in public places. Please email Serenee Smith at sereneeheart@yahoo.com if you have any masks to share.

Masks, gloves, hand washing and avoiding touching your face are extremely important at this time to prevent the virus from further spreading in Lane County. Stay well and safe!



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