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39th & Hilyard  
Eugene OR  97405 
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Nursery/Unitot (infant–3 years)

This class often stays and plays at church in the summer. Children under two years old always stay in the Nursery, but, if we have one caregiver for every two children, the two- and three-year olds may join us at the park.

Our Youth Program is always lively and joy-filled, and Summer brings it to a crescendo with our lessons and projects in Tugman park during July and August, giving our children extra play-time while we have our gorgeous weather! Please sign your children in at the church.

You will be picking them up at the church after the service. The teachers will walk all the classes to the park together. We will begin with a quiet moment of inner gratitude, then read a story and share our thoughts. Craft projects are available for those so inclined, and we offer some wonderful cooperative games, followed by open play.

How You Can Help in the Youth & Family Ministries - Regular classes begin again on Sunday, September 11. Youth and Family Ministry is looking for playful, open-hearted adults to help lead classes once a month, starting September 11. Please take a quiet moment this summer and see whether you are called to one of our age groups. The lessons you share with the children will nurture you, too! To explore this further, talk with Darshana (541-345-9913, ext. 13).